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Your car is put through a lot on a daily basis, such as sitting in stop-and-go traffic, coffee spills on the seat, food being dropped on the floor, and of course bugs being smashed on the windshield. Give your car the day at the spa it so richly deserves! We offer full service auto detailing that will leave your car looking and smelling as good as the day you bought it!

We at Absolute Best Carpet & Upholstery Care offer the best auto detailing in Champaign, IL. If you are looking for an auto detailing specialist, look no further!

Bring your car in today, and let our team of professional car care specialists go to work with our full service range of detailing options. We will wash and hand-dry your vehicle with only the best microfiber towels, which ensures the paint job will not be scratched or ruined.

We also offer auto waxing services, in addition to the traditional vacuuming and cleaning out the interior services, which includes thoroughly cleaning all the floor mats. We do not stop there, though! We will also clean and degrease all your wheels and tires, as well as clean the windows. That is just the beginning of what we will do! Call us for more details and package options!

Taking care of your car is more affordable than you might imagine, and detailing can help increase the resale value. It also just makes it more enjoyable to drive and ride in!

Bring your car in today, or call ahead and set up an appointment, and let us pamper your car the way it deserves!

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